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Handcrafted Cotton StoolHandcrafted Cotton Stool
Citric Dessert Plate | MinCitric Dessert Plate | Min
Save 30%
Handwoven Jute Gold RugHandwoven Jute Gold Rug
FORVOI Handwoven Jute Gold Rug
Dhs. 1,106 Dhs. 1,580
Handwoven Cotton Printed Pillow
Olive Off White Triangle CandleOlive Off White Triangle Candle
Handwoven Cotton Polyester PouffeHandwoven Cotton Polyester Pouffe
Save 30%
Handwoven Jute RugHandwoven Jute Rug
FORVOI Handwoven Jute Rug
Dhs. 935 Dhs. 1,335
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Ceramics You Will Love

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Aura Large Bowl | MinAura Large Bowl | Min
Bubbly Large Bowl | MinBubbly Large Bowl | Min
Bubbly Dessert Plate | MinBubbly Dessert Plate | Min
Bubbly Pitcher | MaxBubbly Pitcher | Max
Bubbly Dinner Plate | MaxBubbly Dinner Plate | Max
Aura Pitcher | MaxAura Pitcher | Max
Citric Dessert Plate | MinCitric Dessert Plate | Min
Royal Dessert Plate | MinRoyal Dessert Plate | Min
Aura Dessert Plate | MinAura Dessert Plate | Min
Drama Dessert Plate | MinDrama Dessert Plate | Min
Citric Dinner Plate | MaxCitric Dinner Plate | Max
Royal Dinner Plate | MaxRoyal Dinner Plate | Max

Tableware For You

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Ramadan Kareem Porcelain Big PlateRamadan Kareem Porcelain Big Plate
Granny Love DishGranny Love Dish
Save 20%
Faith Candle HolderFaith Candle Holder
Save 20%
Leafy bowlsLeafy bowls
Nayla Rustom Leafy bowls
Dhs. 436 Dhs. 545
Hand Painted Bird Cake plateHand Painted Bird Cake plate
Hand Painted Dentelle Big PlateHand Painted Dentelle Big Plate
Save 20%
Golden BowlsGolden Bowls
Nayla Rustom Golden Bowls
Dhs. 436 Dhs. 545

Our Philosophy

As a mindful company that believes handmade is more than just a nice product and concept, it offers life-opportunities to those who love to do it with their own hands β€” all designed to help you look, feel and live your best, combining handwork with inspiration.

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Handmade In UAE - Tips & News

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A love Forvoi

A love Forvoi

A love Forvoi February, the month of love and happiness is here, and with it comes the trickiest celebration there is. Trust us when we say tricky...
What gifts to buy for Christmas 2021!

What gifts to buy for Christmas 2021!

With Christmas being near, what gifts to clear? Whenever November is here, it always feels like the Christmassy feeling has fallen upon us and life...
10 reasons to buy handmade

10 reasons to buy handmade

We all know that there are great advantages to purchasing handmade items. Whether we’re buying from local artisans and crafters, or supporting a handmade artist, we all agree that handmade products provide a touch of authenticity and uniqueness that can never be attained from regular, mass-produced items. In addition to the feeling that you are buying something special and hard to be found, there are also many advantages to buying handmade products.

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